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Welcome to the Affiliate Program of William Blackstone Internacional, where partnership and growth go hand in hand. Our program is designed to create mutually beneficial relationships with law firms, investment firms, accounting firms, and select professionals who deal with UHNWI/HNWI worldwide that share our commitment to excellence in our services. By joining our network, you gain the opportunity to collaborate with a reputable consulting firm and earn excellent commission or mark up our services while offering our supplemental service solutions to your clientele and further enhancing their potential.

Why Partner with Us?

Reputation and Expertise: William Blackstone Internacional is a respected name in the industry, known for its expertise in diplomatic appointments and legally obtained second identities. Partnering with us means you are joining a professional company that has been a certified Elite Partner of PrivacyWorld.

You can access our Letter of Endorsement here in English: www.privacyworld.net/WBI-endorsement.pdf
and here in Spanish: www.privacyworld.net/WBI-aprobacion.pdf.

Attractive Payment Structure: We work with law firms under a white-label brand, and other companies, such as investment firms, accounting firms, and select professional individuals through our private-label model. You have an existing relationship with your clients and you know who can benefit from the services we provide. Law firms also have the ability to add billable hours throughout the lifespan of the case. Under most circumstances, law firms make more money on a case than we do since we are also obligated to pay third-party lawyers, consultants, and other administrative fees.

Networking Opportunities: As an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to connect with other professionals in our network, enhancing your own business relationships and industry connections.

How Does It Work?

Contact Us: Contact us via the contact form and one of our in-house lawyers will call you back.

Get familiarized: We will explain our services to you so you have a deeper understanding on which people in your network can gain the most from our services and what the general process entails.

Promote: Contact your clients and explain the upside to them, find the ones who can benefit the most and have a need for these services.

Earn: Mark up our rates and make more than we do. That is very possible. You will also have the ability to sell our services as your own. The choice is yours. We are prepared to provide a non-solicitation agreement to refrain from soliciting your clientele.

Support: Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any queries and to ensure a smooth partnership. On active cases we have channels built out to ensure a proper case support.

Who Can Join?

Our program is ideal for: Law firms, Trusts, Accounting firms, Investment firms, Asset management companies and some select professionals globally. Your credentials must be verifiable online however, should you reach out and decide to work with us.

Join Us Today!

Become an affiliate of William Blackstone Internacional and start benefiting from a partnership that values growth, collaboration, and mutual success. Contact us now to begin your journey with us. Together, we can achieve remarkable results and provide unparalleled legal strategies to those who need it.