Diplomatic Passports are definitely the most sought-after and highest valued travel documents in the world. The benefits are substantial but only a select few can have the opportunity to possess them. So what can a Diplomatic Passport provide to you and what are the real-life applications that makes people want them so much?

First of all, there are two main types of diplomatic passports:

Career and Non-Career diplomatic passports


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Now that you have a thorough understanding on the subject, you understand that we are assisting ultra high net worth individuals with obtaining non-career diplomatic appointments. Let’s dig deeper into what type of non-career diplomatic positions exist:

Non-Career Diplomatic Positions:

Securing any of these positions will come with limited diplomatic immunity, additional security, exemption from most airport checks and custom clearance, tax exemption from import duty and tariffs for personal use, much fewer visa/entry restrictions in foreign countries, and many more depending on the host country. However, by far the most valuable asset for a successful business person is the door that opens for government-level networking that can bring your business empire onto a whole new level. Being close to any government for a person from the private sector can potentially mean unlimited business opportunities at the highest level.

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Want to know more?

Read our FAQ below to become more familiar before you contact us.

STEP 1: Fill out the form on the Contact Us page. This will enable us to build your initial client profile.

STEP 2: We will reach out to you about specific details we need to gather.

: Our in-house panel (containing lawyers, consultants, and independent diplomats) reviews your application (once a week, usually on Mondays) and client profile to determine whether it is something we could potentially present to a foreign government or not.

: We reach out to you to update you about our decision.
In case we decided that your application could potentially be favorable, it does not automatically mean that it will be approved by any government. It is simply an honest evaluation from us based on our expertise if we could present your application with a potentially successful outcome.

In case we decide that your application would not likely be approved by a foreign government, then we will communicate that towards you and in that case, we suggest that you do not proceed with this process. We would prefer not to waste your money and we aim to provide realistic expectations to the clients we choose to work with.

Please note that even at this point, we provide all of the above steps and services FREE of charge.

STEP 5: We send you a proposal and answer any questions you may have.

STEP 6: Once everything is clear, we send you an invoice and you make the payment at your earliest convenience for Phase I. Be sure to send us to both our WhatsApp and email address the wire confirmation receipt.

STEP 7: When the payment is received we will get in touch with you to put you through the process. The process involves a complex set of steps to ensure that we prepare you to the best of your abilities so that when it is time to present you to foreign governments, you will be ready for it. The exact steps are revealed to you after the payment is received and it will take approximately 6 weeks from the moment we start working with you until your dossier lands on the desk of the government.

STEP 8: We will constantly follow-up with the government to receive an update regarding your case and notify you about their decision immediately.

STEP 9: In case we receive favorable news and you are called-in for an in-person interview, you will need to send us the payment for Phase II. This is our success fee. You must ensure that we receive this payment within 14 days of your interview acceptance date. You will have the opportunity to verify this acceptance for an interview by directly calling the respective country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs but usually they also issue you a written invitation.

STEP 10: You appear at your interview and make a great impression. We will have the right ways to prepare you to elevate your chances of approval to the fullest. The rest will be between you and the government at that point.

We STRONGLY suggest that you do not pay, however, we will not go as far as to forbid it. If you firmly believe that you have an opportunity, we will do everything within our power to get you ready for the process. We would be the happiest if you could prove all of our combined expertise wrong, but this has yet to happen. Please also keep in mind that there are certain standards that we must maintain in order to keep our reputation in this field and there are certain individuals we are simply unable to work with.

Yes, it generally does. Your level of expertise and skillsets can put you in an extremely beneficial position when we present you to foreign governments.

The chances of your approval would be substantially lower then. Governments don’t just want to deal with someone who has money. The approach is a lot more complex one and in almost all cases you must have demonstrated strengths that a specific country would desire.

We receive approximately 40 applications a month, we evaluate all of them, and the highest approved number of candidates in a month was 2. The average is about 1 approved candidate out of 40, so do not feel bad if you did not make the cut. After all, we also have a reputation to keep up and can’t present anyone to foreign governments for considerations. We want to make sure that when we bring clients to them, they will take them seriously. This benefits everyone equally.

No, that is not how it works. Anyone claiming that can sell you one is highly likely to be a forged document that can get you arrested. Even if your source is from the government or someone who claims to know someone from within the government, it is only a matter of time until the next regime revokes it. Then you paid a lot of money for a very temporary thrill. At our firm, we believe in longevity, and permanent results. We plan long-term, and long-standing client relationships.

Diplomatic passports have no sales prices legally, so this question cannot be answered in this context. You can ask however how much our process cost to enable you to have a reasonable chance obtaining it. Our fees are in the tens of thousands of dollars, which includes the fees for lawyers, independent diplomatic consultants, professional writers, mailing of documents, and various administrative costs. However, be prepared that it could easily go into 6 figures until you obtain it (that does not go to our firm).

There is no formula. People who had success acquiring them under our guidance typically had a minimum of $5M in net worth.

Typically, no. Of course, you can tell us your preference, but we will tell you honestly if we don’t think that’s the right strategy for you. If you insist anyway, we will file it according to your request but our purpose is to match you with a country where your acceptance would be the highest.

Only if what we offer was what you wanted in the first place, otherwise, no. Same principle as the one about the specifying the country above. The only type we are able to assist you with is of course non-career diplomatic appointments. Career diplomatic passports are only available for career diplomats.

Diplomatic immunity is covered by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations that was published in 1961. Please read this very thorough article about the subject that will explain all the limitations of immunity one is entitled for: Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Both the sending and the host country’s government must approve your application. The country that appoints you must approve it but the host country has the right to veto it. You must be in the good graces for each country.

Leveraging consular circumscription is one of our extraordinary tools to help applicants at jurisdictions where there is already an active appointee. We use it to help appoint people where – due to their sending and host countries – their jurisdiction would not make it eligible for them to get appointed normally.

Whoever you are, very low! However, we are here to assist you to bring out the maximum should you decide that you want to give it a try. Only a very small percentage of people can ever get close to it. Contact us and find out more.

We have the highest accreditation in the field of diplomatic appointments by the industry leader, called PrivacyWorld. We are Elite Partners of PrivacyWorld that demonstrates our ability as one of the most effective and reputable companies in the industry.
You can access our Letter of Endorsement here in English: www.privacyworld.net/WBI-endorsement.pdf
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