We are the inventors of identity-based asset protection and have vast knowledge in the field with a very strong background in legal identity creation, identity privacy enforcement, identity reputation management, and we are poised to help individuals from all backgrounds achieve their goals in the field of privacy. We specialize in identity-based asset protection to offer a custom-tailored solution to our clientele to achieve the level of anonymity they require. You may wonder who would want this service, for what reason, and how this could be beneficial for anyone. The answer may surprise you, since the applications of it are vast.

AND YES, we are the FIRST firm IN THE WORLD ever offering this solution!

We can assist you in applying for second identities that we legally obtain for our clients for a variety of reasons (more on Case Studies page):

In the current landscape, asset protection laws have become increasingly stringent in numerous states and countries. Holding companies across the globe continue to serve a vital role in legitimately concealing assets from public scrutiny, benefiting both individuals and conglomerates seeking to maintain confidentiality regarding their wealth and holdings. However, in an age where information leaks are prevalent, having a legally acquired new identity is now considered a crucial element in enhancing your long-term asset protection strategy, especially since the effectiveness of overseas nominee directors and shareholders have eroded as your ultimate protective measures.

For (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI / HNWI), preserving anonymity can provide a significant advantage. Even in the face of potential failures in other privacy safeguards, knowing that your original identity will remain undisclosed is paramount.

Remember that asset protection should not be pursued to evade legitimate financial obligations, taxes, or legal judgments. Engaging in illegal activities can lead to criminal charges and severe penalties. Consult our firm to see how we can assist you by crafting a legal plan for the new identity that suits your goals for the long-term; ensuring your assets remain protected for generations to come. This is the driving force behind our establishment, and it underscores our commitment to diligently, discreetly, and securely safeguarding the interests of our clients.

Have you encountered challenges in your banking endeavors in the past? Have you found yourself on the blacklist of a financial institution, making it exceedingly difficult to secure a bank account? We specialize in devising tailored solutions to significantly improve your prospects of gaining acceptance at financial institutions that may have previously denied you access.

Banks establish different policies and procedures based on a customer’s risk profile to manage their exposure to potential financial risks and regulatory compliance. A customer’s risk profile essentially assesses the level of risk they may pose to the bank, considering factors like their financial stability, creditworthiness, and the nature of their financial activities. Here are some key points to consider regarding how banks set policies based on risk profiles:

Risk Assessment: Banks use risk assessment tools and processes to evaluate each customer’s financial situation. This assessment typically includes factors such as your citizenship, residency, credit history, income, outstanding debts, and the nature of your transactions.

Risk Tolerance: Banks have different risk tolerances and appetites based on their business strategies and regulatory requirements. They set policies that align with their risk tolerance to maintain a healthy balance between profitability and risk exposure.

Regulatory Compliance: Banks must adhere to various regulations and guidelines imposed by government authorities. These regulations often require banks to implement specific policies based on risk profiles to ensure they are not inadvertently facilitating money laundering, fraud, or other illicit activities.

Monitoring and Review: Banks continuously monitor their customers’ accounts and periodically review their risk profiles. Changes in a customer’s financial behavior or external factors can lead to adjustments in their account terms or eligibility for certain services.

Risk Mitigation: Banks may employ risk mitigation measures, such as requiring collateral for loans or implementing transaction monitoring systems, to reduce the risk associated with certain customer segments.

Customer Communication: Banks often communicate their policies and decisions regarding risk profiles with customers to ensure transparency and compliance with regulatory requirements. This communication helps customers understand the reasons behind account-related actions.

Banks carefully assess and categorize customers based on their risk profiles to make informed decisions about offering financial products and services. These policies help banks manage risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and provide appropriate financial solutions tailored to each customer’s unique circumstances.

Our dedicated team understands the intricacies of this landscape and can assist you in overcoming these hurdles. We offer a range of comprehensive plans designed to enhance your eligibility and restore your financial access. Whether it is addressing issues on your financial record, providing expert guidance on rebuilding your financial reputation, or leveraging strategic methods to secure approvals, or to provide you with the ability to present yourself through your legally obtained new identity; our commitment is to empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to regain financial success. Let William Blackstone Internacional be your trusted partner on the path to renewed opportunities.

For (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals (UHNWI / HNWI), preserving anonymity can provide a significant advantage. Even in the face of potential failures in other privacy safeguards, knowing that your original identity will remain undisclosed is paramount.

Remember that asset protection should not be pursued to evade legitimate financial obligations, taxes, or legal judgments. Engaging in illegal activities can lead to criminal charges and severe penalties. Consult our firm to see how we can assist you by crafting the new identity that suits your goals for the long-term; ensuring your assets remain protected for generations to come. This is the driving force behind our establishment, and it underscores our commitment to diligently, discreetly, and securely safeguarding the interests of our clients.

Ruining someone’s reputation can be relatively easy in today’s digital age due to the widespread use of the internet and social media. Here are some factors that contribute to the ease with which reputations can be tarnished:

Online Information: A vast amount of personal and professional information is readily available online. Anyone can access and manipulate this information to craft a damaging narrative. It takes a second to get up there, but you may never be able to remove that information that will stay on for life.

Social Media: False or damaging information can spread rapidly through social media platforms. Viral posts, negative comments, and fake accounts can be used to attack an individual’s character.

Anonymity: The internet allows individuals to remain anonymous or use fake identities, making it easier to engage in online harassment or defamation without fear of immediate consequences.

Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying, including spreading rumors or false information, can have a profound impact on an individual’s reputation and mental well-being.

Revenge and Personal Vendettas: People with personal grudges or vendettas may use the internet to harm someone’s reputation as a form of retaliation. Ex-relationships, bad business partners, angry customers, or just someone who decides to pursue you for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you did the right thing to stand up for your right but now those people are after you.

Lack of Verification: Information often spreads without rigorous fact-checking or verification. False or misleading information can quickly become accepted as truth.

Online Forums and Review Sites: Negative reviews, comments, or posts on platforms like review sites, forums, or social media can significantly damage a person’s professional reputation.

Search Engine Results: Search engines often prioritize sensational or negative content in search results, making it more visible to the public.

Permanent Record: Information posted online can remain accessible for years, if not indefinitely, making it difficult to erase or undo reputational damage.

Legal Challenges: Pursuing legal action against defamatory content can be time-consuming, costly, and may not always result in the removal of damaging information.

Given the ease with which reputations can be tarnished and you may have gotten to a point to have exhausted all your legal options and left without a permanent solution. Until now! We provide you with a new reputation through a legally obtained second identity. The one with no publicly trackable history that can allow you to put the past behind and start out fresh. Of course, we want to ensure that you use this for the right reason and to help you create the strategy that will bring the result you hope for.

The intersection of citizenship and wealth can sometimes create unique vulnerabilities for individuals in certain countries. This phenomenon can be influenced by a variety of factors, including political climate, societal attitudes, and economic conditions.

So, when is it a good thing to be John Doe? When would you want to make it look like you are from a different country and that you are a different person other than the identity you were born with?

Political Instability and Conflict: In countries experiencing political unrest or conflict, wealthy individuals, particularly those with citizenship from a nation perceived as influential or antagonistic, may become targets. They could be at risk of kidnapping, extortion, or violence, either as a means of political statement or for financial gain.

Corruption and Legal Risks: In countries with high levels of corruption, wealthy individuals, especially foreign citizens, may be unfairly targeted by law enforcement or government officials. They might be subjected to bribery demands, legal harassment, or false accusations, as their wealth makes them attractive targets for those looking to profit illicitly.

Travel and Mobility Risks: Wealthy individuals traveling to or residing in countries with less stable political or social environments may face increased risks. These can include theft, scamming, or more severe crimes. Their citizenship might also make them a focus for anti-foreign sentiment or political demonstrations, especially if their home country is involved in contentious international issues.

Publicity and Privacy Concerns: In some societies, the combination of wealth and foreign citizenship can attract unwanted attention, both from the media and the public. This can lead to a lack of privacy, constant media scrutiny, and in some cases, can escalate to personal security threats.

Targeting by Criminal Elements: Wealthy individuals, particularly those from affluent countries, can be perceived as lucrative targets for criminal elements. The risk is heightened in regions where law enforcement is less effective or where there is a high rate of crime.

While wealth and your existing citizenship can offer numerous advantages and opportunities, they can also expose individuals to specific risks, especially in countries where political instability, economic disparity, corruption, and high crime rates prevail. It is important for such individuals to mitigate those unnecessary risks by legally obtaining a second identity through our firm.

Want to know more?

Read our FAQ below to become more familiar before you contact us.

Yes, it is. As long as you obtained your second identity within the laws of the respective jurisdiction, it is completely legal. As the first firm in the world in this category; it is what we do and can assist you with a very high-level of success.

No. There is no legal method where changing one’s date of birth is ever possible (unless you can prove to the authorities in your country that you were born on a date differently than shown on your birth records, but that needs to be address with your authorities first). Any solution to changing date of birth involves fraudulent activities and we do not assist anyone obtaining anything illegally. We think long-term and when you invest a substantial amount into acquiring something so valuable, we advise you that you do it with legality in mind. This is the only thing that is going to protect your investment.

Yes, a complete makeover with anonymity is absolutely possible in most cases. They are time consuming processes and the time frames also depend on how much of your original identity you want changed. Rest assured in most cases the complete makeover is possible.

James Bond is just a movie character and yes, you may see individuals in these movies with many identities. Although we have no way of knowing how James Bond acquired those (the movies are not thorough enough to discuss the methods of acquisitions) we must disclose that it does take substantial time to legally obtain a second identity. It needs to go through various governments through the legal channels and governments always do their due diligence on applicants. We don’t just print a passport with a second identity.

Crafting a second identity is a highly sensitive and complex process. The duration depends on various factors, such as your:
- criminal background
- family history
- level of privacy you want to establish
- financial background
- ability to spend on this endeavor (while it may not always be the case, think of obtaining a second identity on a sliding scale where more money spent equals to obtaining it faster vs. less money spent equals to obtaining it slower). While individual cases highly vary, the general concept is that there are ways of achieving things faster with more money and there are cost-effective solutions for the ones who are not willing to spend as much and have more time to obtain them. These are not related to what our firm charges, these fees are all government fees. In fact, the more money you spend in certain jurisdictions, the less you will have to pay us. Sounds complicated? It is because it is.

Ultimately, the final determining option is how many fundamental elements of your existing identity you want to change.

Yes, absolutely. In fact, clients who wish to secure the ultimate level of privacy, we highly recommend three or four layers of identities but this could only be achieved with careful examination, very thorough planning, meticulous execution, and a lot of patience. Please note that this endeavor and layer of privacy is something that only a select few can afford.

As private as it can possibly be. Can you ever get an identity that people won’t know about it? Absolutely!
Can you ever get an identity that even your government doesn’t know about? Very close. We can get you to a level where your identity goes through various jurisdictions, each jurisdiction will have a certain set of privacy laws of their own we must adhere to. We then secure you with the highest level of privacy enforcement there (the extent varies by jurisdiction), then switching you to another jurisdiction with that new identity, essentially creating a third (tertiary) identity and so on and so forth. Every jurisdiction allows you to do a certain set of changes and we carefully craft plans to execute them with the highest level of privacy in mind.

We have the highest accreditation in the field of second identities by the industry leader, called PrivacyWorld. We are Elite Partners of PrivacyWorld that demonstrates our ability as one of the most effective and reputable companies in the industry.
You can access our Letter of Endorsement here in English: www.privacyworld.net/WBI-endorsement.pdf
and here in Spanish: www.privacyworld.net/WBI-aprobacion.pdf.